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Back-linking Guide For New Users

30 Oct 18
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Why back links are important ?
Back links are important part of Search Engine Optimization. In my opinion back links are backbone of SEO. As you know spinal column play important part for human body to stay up and straight. Same like that back links play important role to keep website at top in search engines. Back Links help us to keep our website in top searches and to increase traffic on website. In short website help us to increase website rank and value.

What is back links ?
Before we start back linking, it’s important to know back linking because it’s important what you are doing and why you are doing that ? Back linking is too easy just go on any site which allow you to add or post your link on their site and post your link on their site you will get a back link but when you don’t know about back linking for me it’s totally waste of time. When any website links to your website page, it’s called back link. In 2000 to 2005 which site have most back links from other websites, that website will be getting higher ranks from search engines, like Google and other top search engines.

Back link Terms.

Link Juice: When you add your article or website homepage to any other sites, it passes “link juice” from these sites. Link juice is help us to improve the domain authority and ranking of our website. If you are a blogger, use no-follow tag to stop passing link juice.

No-Follow Link: No follow back links not contribute anything for your site and they don’t effect or improve your site ranking. The fact is webmaster use no-follow tag when they linking to an untrustworthy. When web owners use no-follow tag it means that link is no-follow link and it will not pass link juice.

Do-Follow Link: When you add any link into your blog or any website page as admin so by default that link will be a do-follow link and this kind of links pass link juice.

Linking Root Domains: If you add your sites 1 or more links on same domain so it will be considered as one linked root domain. Linking root domain is used for the number of backlinks coming from unique domain. It does not matter if you add 19 links on same or any links on same domain so it will be considered only 1 domain authority link.

low-Quality Links: If you considered buy links so you should make sure they are not providing low quality backlinks. Low quality backlinks are more dangerous to your site. In search engine optimization field we considered low quality backlinks which are coming from automated websites, spam sites, porn sites, fraud sites and harvested sites.

Internal Links: When you add your home page or any other pages on your same domain it will called internal link.

Anchor Text: Anchor text is the text that we used for hyperlinks. If you want to rank any single keyword so anchor text backlinks work amazing to increase rank of that keyword for your site.

I will share updated do-follow backlinks sites soon so save my websites in your bookmarks. Somethings are missing we will add them in our next articles.